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Pella HS 6 Traits

Page history last edited by Mary Schmidt 10 years ago

Common Core Standards Writing




6+1 One-Pager


Writing Next

     11 Recommendations

          Writing Strategies


          Collaborative Writing

          Specific Product Goals

          Word Processing



          Inquiry Activities

          Process Writing Approach   

          Study of Models

          Writing for Content Learning


I've run out of 6-Traits lessons! WHAT NOW?!!!


Steps to Designing a Trait Activity/Lesson

     1. Choose a quality lesson done in the past or one you're developing.

     2. Ask, "What writing task will enhance the concept(s) I'm already teaching?"

     3. Look for "trigger" words that relate to a trait.

     4. Zoom in on specific points from the "5" level of that trait rubric.

     5. Develop a prompt using RAFTS

     6. Re-imagine the lesson to include the steps in teaching a trait (see below).


Steps to Teaching the Traits

     1. Use literature

     2. Work on a writing activity

     3. Use sample papers

     4. Peer respond/edit each others work

     5. Teacher assesses papers


Web Resources

6 Traits in AP

Mary's Delicious Page - Type in tags for 6_Traits, writing, voice, diction for a collection of sites with lesson plans and ideas. (You will need to set up a Delicious account. Visit http://www.delicious.com)

Education Northwest - formerly known as NWREL; home of 6+1 Traits of Writing

What Should I Read Next - a site for further reading recommendations




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