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Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

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This page includes the materials used during the 2011 Heartland AEA Summer Institute session on addressing cognitive complexity using Bloom's Revised Taxonomy. Additional resources are included.





Bloom's Poster - This is the master for the poster you received at the Summer Institute.

"A Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy: An Overview" by David Krathwohl

Cognitive Process Dimension

The Knowledge Dimension

The Taxonomy Table

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy - a Website with lesson examples, planning tools, posters (a "must-see")

Bloom's planning chart

Bloom's chart - contains definitions, sample verbs and activities, and questions

Google Bloom's

"Modeling Self-Questioning on Bloom's Taxonomy" - article by Doug Buehl


AEA 267 Complex Reasoning Skills


Iowa Core

Examples of Concepts

Bloom's Webinar - available on the Heartland EduVision Channel - look for the thumbnail with the Bloom's pyramid above


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